Graduate Internships

Criteria for Admission to the Graduate Student Teaching

Before beginning the graduate student teaching, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Formal admission to the Graduate Certificate in Teaching or the Master of Arts in Teaching through the Office of Teacher Education Advising and Licensure (TEAL).
  2. Completion of all professional education coursework with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and no more than two grades of C.
  3. Completion of all background coursework requirements in the teaching content area with a GPA of 2.50 or better and no grades lower than C.
  4. Documentation of completion of current technology requirements for your program.
  5. Documentation of field experiences in at least two diverse settings prior to graduate student teaching. You must have documentation of three diverse settings in order to obtain licensure.

Applications for student teaching are submitted through Taskstream. Please contact your advisor to begin the process of submitting your application. 

Questions? Visit the Office of Schools and Community Partnerships, College of Education Building Suite 139, or call 704-687-8802.